The good news about a low carb bbq meal is that your main grilling items are naturally low carb. Just think about it for a sec; you are dealing mostly with meat and vegetables. What most people do not realize is that it’s all the add-ons and extra sides that quickly kill a diet, and turn your potentially healthy meal into a glutenous feast.

Let’s consider the following: bbq sauce, buns, condiments, side salads, snacks, and then comes the beer and other alcoholic beverages. What do each of these items have in common? Sugars. Too many unnecessary sugars for that matter.

How can a person who is trying to loose weight possibly enjoy a bbq meal when this list is so common place?

Low carb bbq food is easy to incorporate. What I like to remind people who are working hard at being health-conscious is to try to follow a few of my good grilling rules. I’ve got 7 to be precise.

#1 – Be picky with your meats. Don’t assume that red meats and fatty sausages are the only types of meat you can grill. Have you ever tried grilling fish? This is one of my favorite ways to eat fish. Just remember to wrap in aluminum foil and add some nice seasonings and chopped onions and garlic for flavor.

#2 – Fill your plate with greens (or read, oranges and yellows!). Vegetables on the grill in the form of a kabob or wrapped in foil are an excellent way to keep a low carb bbq meal enjoyable and tasty.

#3 – Try half a bun instead of a whole one. Don’t you ever find that your bun is too big anyway? Also try to choose whole wheat over white bread. This is a very simple solution to keeping a low carb bbq meal/

#4 – Ditch butter and use olive oil instead. The fats in olive oil are much healthier and you will save huge on calories since you don’t need a lot.

#5 – Give veggie burgers and veggie dogs a chance. Seriously they have gotten so much better over the years. Check out the healthy choices in the frozen food section at your local grocer.

#6 – Watch out for condiments, especially mayonnaise. If you can cut back on this area you are sure to win yourself a low carb bbq.

#7 – Avoid the high calorie salad bar. Try to opt out of the macaroni salad, the coleslaw and other high carb salads and sides. If there are any alternatives go for it.

The main way to keep a low carb bbq meal enjoyable is to maintain taste and to enjoy yourself! Summer is the time of year when we get together with friends and eat! To know more info click Fat Boy’s BBQ

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