The charcoal bbq uses charcoals to heat and grill food such as meat, chicken, vegetables, and fruit. By combining the outdoors with good weather, freedom of time and location, and friends or family gives every bbq event a great feeling of summer timelessness. Besides that, people really enjoy the food that comes of a charcoal bbq too!

Long ago, when man survived on by hunting and gathering, fire was discovered. This, in combination with the invention of tools such as knives, made it possible to prepare the meat by removing the skin and cutting the meat in manageable pieces, after which it could be prepared above a heat source (one of the first charcoal bbq grills!). The English and French sailors took the technique of barbecuing and storing food from pirates of the Caribbean (not the movie, the real ones!). They took it home to Europe after which it became a popular way of preparing food. These pirates barbecuing at their beach scene were not the first however, since the word barbecue is derived from the Taino indians who used the word barabicu to describe their holy bed of fire.

Different techniques
There are two ways of grilling that need to be explained. The first one is direct grilling, which means that the food is prepared in direct contact with the coals (only air in between). The disadvantage of this is that the food can burn easily, and the heat is not spread out evenly. The second technique is a more healthy and safe way or barbecuing: indirect grilling. Charcoals bbq grills with indirect grilling have a box above the coals, in which the food is prepared. This way, the heat is spread out evenly over the container, and the food can’t burn as quickly as with the direct technique. If you only have the direct technique available, try to apply oil or sauces on the food before grilling. This way the heat spreads through the liquids and prevents the meat from burning. Find out more info click¬†

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